Podcast Publish Date: November 11, 2019 – Click here to listen

Summary: Have you wondered about the appropriateness of formal education for Apostolics? Here we touch on the foundations of how formal education fits into the Bible-believing Christian’s life.

Main Points: 1) We are God’s ambassadors, called for a purpose, the funnel through which God works here on Earth. 2) We are responsible for developing the tools/talents God has given us. 3) We should be the head, not the tail. 4) We have the Spirit of God residing within us, but the flow can be throttled by our lack of personal development.

Transcript: We are Gods ambassadors here on earth. He accomplishes his purposes often through the frailty of our human flesh. That’s why it is extremely important that we spend the time to develop ourselves to most effectively allow the Kingdom to advance through us. Our ability to write, speak, think critically, compute, make inferences, be creative, etc., is the funnel through which God’s purposes are accomplished in our lives and immediate surroundings. We therefore have the great responsibility to sharpen and learn how to use the tools God has given us. Is it the will of God that Apostolics have a reputation for poor quality education? Shouldn’t we be the head and not the tail? Shouldn’t we be displaying the greatest fulfillment of potential of any people in the world, seeing that we have the Spirit of God residing within us? When we disdain formal education, are we perhaps throttling the river of information and knowledge that will help make us wise as serpents? There perhaps nothing with more power potential to shake the foundations of the earth than the combining of worship, prayer, and anointing with deep study and preparation. So I must ask you: What are you doing to advance yourself educationally, so that you can be most effective in advancing the Kingdom of God?

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