Podcast Publish Date: November 11, 2019 – Click here to listen

Summary: Growth requires both inlets and outlets. We should always be learning, but also organizing and focusing that stream of knowledge into something that can be useful to others.

Main Points: 1) Water flowing in without an outlet becomes a stagnant pond. 2) Likewise, information flowing in without an outlet loses its vitality and usefulness. 3) A scholar organizes and focuses the stream of information, creating an outlet for it to change the world. 4) We were made to be creative.

Transcript: One who is always learning but never producing might be likened to a stagnant pond. It has many inlets but few outlets. The information that flows into the pond is full of valuable nutrients. It has the power to clean and polish the rough spots of the unknown as it rushes by. Unfortunately, the story of its successful use of that power to help others ends at the stagnant pond. It becomes nothing more than an incubator for parasites and organisms that would suck the life and nutrients from it, providing nothing in return but more death and decay. There’s nothing law wrong, I should say, with being a learner unless that which is learned is not passed on or put in a practice. A healthy stream of information must have both inlets of learning and outlets of teaching or application. A scholar is the caretaker of that stream — the one who takes the information coming from many different sources and channels them into a powerful stream of organized thought that has the potential to affect change. A scholar might also take that stream and use it to blaze a new passageway through previously unexplored territory. Learning is good but scholarship makes that learning an operative tool to revolutionize the world for the better. So the question I have for you: are you a scholar? In other words, are you taking what you are learning — what you are growing with — and applying it and using it and helping others, teaching it and taking that information and massaging it and kneading it into, as God did with man, forming it into something that is beautiful, that has your fingerprints on it? We were made to be creative, because God is creative. We were made to learn and to grow and to become, so I would encourage you to find ways to learn and to grow on a consistent basis, whether it be reading or listening to podcasts or books, whether it be in conversation. However the medium or whatever the medium that you use to learn and to grow and to become, you want to then take that learning and growing and use it to be a better person for others or a more effective person in the world — a servant to others.

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