Podcast Publish Date: July 8, 2019 – Click here to listen

Main Points: 1) Public high schools have a huge influence on our children. 2) Public high schools can be a great mission field for Christian young people. 3) We as parents need to be wise in determining whether our children would rather thrive in that secular environment or in an alternate setting.

Transcript: In today’s episode, I would like to discuss one of the reasons why you, as a parent, might consider an online Christian high school for your children. I was listening to an audio book entitled, When Helping Hurts by Corbett and Fikkert, and heard this statement: “North American Christians have been deeply affected by modernist and now Postmodernist world views, resulting in secularism, materialism, and relativism, all of which has contributed to addictions, mental illness, and broken families.” This statement is simply another reminder of the concerns many of us have about the effect of secular culture on our children. Public high schools have 35 hours per week to help shape the world views of our children. On the other hand, they can be a great mission field. I personally have friends that came out with stronger convictions, but I also have friends that were influenced by the culture to the point that they walked away from Truth. One could argue that social media has an even greater influence on our children, but, for the most part, the flood of ideas in the online environment can be filtered and controlled, whether externally by the parent or internally by the developed convictions of the student. Additionally, social media brings secular culture but not so much the educational ideas that can have a more lasting, deeper impact on the beliefs of our children. Secular high school can be a great mission field, but so can the local coffee shop. Ultimately, it comes down to your understanding of your student’s strengths and weaknesses and making a choice to give them the best chance at not just surviving, but thriving, as a powerful ambassador of the Kingdom.

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